Karen Kinnersly
Founding Director / Creative

Meet our Founding Director, Karen. Karen has lived and breathed branding for near twenty years, with an unparalleled passion for design.

Karen’s diverse portfolio extends from print, entertainment, tourism to hospitality and beyond. With her ever-growing client base so too grows her enviable knack for design and a wildly impressive skill set.
Rather than returning to the nine-to-five grind after raising a family, Karen leapt out on her own early last year and has done nothing other than flourish! Within a year our agency was born and we continue to grow in size, depth and character daily, becoming what is now our powerhouse of good vibes – Vibe Design & Print.

“I have a passion for this industry like nothing else. I love the freedom that owning my own agency gives me when creating for my clients; I get to know them and can be friendly and flexible. I get to be real with them which ultimately unleashes my best creative self.”

Karen is also a proud Founder of the ever-growing social media women’s network Sassy Business Women; a supportive network of women serving to provide tips, tricks, networking opportunities and business development.

“We collaborate, motivate and support other women who, like me, run their own businesses. I am so humbled to know that the group has helped to build numerous SMB’s to success. I invite all other women in business to join our network of amazing ladies as we do the dance of work/life/family/career balancing.”